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coolcolin in delushcious

First question for fun

Hi there people.
                               I am glad to see that there are posts already describing yourselfs. I agree with V and the slave driver thing, but i know she loves it. hehehe. Well and as for Rena. All i can say is, your horny devil. LMAO

Ok here we go. This is the current topic for answering.

Which LUSH product would you describe yourself as?

When looking through a site please give us a link so we can check out the description of the product.

I might as well answer here seen as though i am going to have to anyway. LOL

I would describe myself as a sex bomb (butter ball)

This is because whatever you are deciding to do. Just place me in that bath tub and i will get you ready for it. LMAO


Whos next?

love Princess


Well I was told by a couple of my friends that I'd be described as...You Snap The Whip body scrub...hmmmmm sounds good to me. Here's the link...


Well that about says it all now doesn't it?
Okay, I found one that says my name...LOL


Okay all done!
OK here is mine:


Called "Something Wicked This Way Comes" and get your minds out of the gutter or not.

It's a bath melt containing ginger and one of my favorite essential oils, tonka bean (which smells a bit like marzipan...only better) and also another favorite, oakmoss (which is a warm, dark, sweetish smell that reminds me of incense).

Oh yeah, of course I love the name too. :P
OK..so here's this one, found for me by the wonderful Alex, and I think it's perfect:


Ceridwen bath melt!
And it says she was a sorceress but of course she was actually a goddess. ;)
unfortunately, the lush product i am most like is no longer available. it was slammer, a citrus bath gel... but it came in frozen packets to take a "cold" shower. and i loved them.

but, generally, that is how it feels when people meet me. like they have just been forced to use ice during a nice, hot shower. or, like their brain has been slammed.

not always in a good way, but i guess it is a living.

Yeah, so that´s me, a nice dark purple *sigh, love the color* and some of my fav oils (Lavender, Thyme, rosmary). Thanks for the input Rena =) *kiss