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Mar. 2nd, 2007



Introducing Moi :D

"Hi, my name is Alex and I'm a Lush addict."

*Chorus:* "Hi, Alex!"

I'm one of the co-moderators here, and (so what else is new) I was busy with other stuff and was *almost* late to the introductions, but I'm also a certified insomniac - so here goes.

Yes I'm a guy, once again completely outnumbered by the ladies here, but who knows - maybe there will be a few more men out there with chutzpeh enough to admit to their Lushiness. I love the products because they're all-natural and non-irritating, but most of all because they're fun to use, colorful and smell great. And I'm instantly addicted to anything that smells great.

I went on a total rampage the other week, and blew a huge amount over at the Lush online shop. So I'm hoping I'll have some good things to post about the products in the coming weeks as I use them (and after that I'll spend more money over there, preferably my boyfriend's like I did this time. *waves* - hi Chris!).

So hello to any new members - post, comment, pimp the comm, go crazy, whatever, I hope we have loads of fun here, so feel free to bring up any topics and goof off all you want (within reason).


First question for fun

Hi there people.
                               I am glad to see that there are posts already describing yourselfs. I agree with V and the slave driver thing, but i know she loves it. hehehe. Well and as for Rena. All i can say is, your horny devil. LMAO

Ok here we go. This is the current topic for answering.

Which LUSH product would you describe yourself as?

When looking through a site please give us a link so we can check out the description of the product.

I might as well answer here seen as though i am going to have to anyway. LOL

I would describe myself as a sex bomb (butter ball)

This is because whatever you are deciding to do. Just place me in that bath tub and i will get you ready for it. LMAO


Whos next?

love Princess


Welome To deLUSHcious!

If you are reading this post then you have been accepted into deLUSHcious. Welcome. I hope you are going to enjoy being a member, it should be alot of fun.

This community is for  all the people who love LUSH items. No matter what country you come from. There are links to websites from your country. If not please let me know, or one of the MODS.

Talking of MODS let me tell you who they are.

First off there is a very dear friend of mine, who has made the banner and icon for this site. Her name is elyxer 
She is a amazing person to know, so dont be shy to talk to her.

The next MOD in this site is a person I really only just started talking to but he is so easy to talk to it is like i have known him a lot longer.
His name is adrtylilsecret

The Last MOD that is in this site is a person yet again I barely know. I started chatting to her. I didn't know what to expect so I said hi and I think that we just connected really well. Her name is das_vroni 

I don't need to introduce them any further because i know they will take care of that themselfs. lol

And my name is coolcolin I am not a shy person as the other MODS will tell you and am easy going. In my book anything goes. I am always up for a laugh and enjoy a good debate. I will make sure this community is kept up to date and maintained. I will be posting quizzes and stuff so please do join in. I am sure the other MODS will do the same. Trust me they are cool. Oh and my nickname is Princess and I go by that all the time. If you want to know why ask elyxer that was all her idea.

One last thing. Please check out the rules on the profile page. Please abide by them and then we will all have fun.

I am glad you joined and I hope to see your posts and join in with your ideas of fun too. I am sure you have a few ideas. Don't be shy we are all friends here.

Love you always and look forward to seeing you enjoying yourself.
All I can say now is, Have Fun!